The Top Benefits of Equinox | Tiled Conservatory Roofing

Discover how replacing conservatory roofing with Equinox roof tiling can change the way you live.


Equinox regulates the
the temperature in a space

Cost Effective

Easy to fit and cost-effective

Energy Efficient

Fully insulated and offers superior energy efficiency that is higher than A-rated windows


Equinox replacement
conservatory roofing is
guaranteed for 10 years

A Tiled Conservatory Roof Homeowners Love

Seamlessly blend a conservatory into the home with a stunning Equinox tiled conservatory roof. Enjoy your light, airy space whatever the weather. Our outstanding replacement conservatory roofing, developed by award-winning Deeplas, makes additional living areas comfortable all year round. It helps to regulate the temperature, meaning the conservatory is cool in summer and warm in the winter. Equinox achieves this by letting in natural light while effectively blocking heat from the sun.

Equinox PVC-U replacement conservatory roofing tiles are the modern way to transform your home improvement. Not only does it lift the look of out-dated conservatories, it is highly efficient. In fact, this tiled roof is 10 times more efficient than your typical A-rated window.

Building Plastics Online Ltd sells the Equinox roof system to homeowners, roofing contractors, developers and a wide range of business clients. Our low, low prices, efficient distribution and excellent customer service sets our roofline business apart.

Replacement Conservatory Roofing That Complements The Home

Personalise a Conservatory

More and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of the Equinox replacement tiled conservatory roof. It complements the exterior look of a property while improving comfort levels inside the home.

Conservatories with glass or plastic roofing are prone to fluctuations in temperature. During the summer a conservatory can get unbearably hot. In winter, they can become too cold to use. Equinox replacement conservatory roofing will help you make the most of your conservatory –

Discover the Equinox Difference

Experience the Equinox difference. Give your conservatory the replacement roofing your home deserves. Invest in a system that offers unparalleled benefits. We recommend our tiled conservatory roofing if you want to use your conservatory all year round. It will also lift the look of your property, add value and give it increased kerb appeal.

With powerful weather proofing, superior insulation and a choice of finishes, you can’t go wrong with Equinox. As well as filtering out extreme temperatures, our replacement conservatory roofing system comes with a cast iron quality guarantee.
Homeowners recommend Equinox tiled conservatory roofing because:

It reduces heating bills by offering outstanding thermal performance
The Equinox multi-layered roof design reduces unsightly condensation in conservatories
Our tiled replacement conservatory roofing can be installed in as little as 2 days
You can choose a style that complements existing tiles on your home